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We have had the pleasure of working with Sara for the past year. It’s been a growing period for me professionally as a business owner as well as our team. We are now transparent in our communication with our team which has contributed to the growth of the individual and the effectiveness of the whole team. We clarified our vision and rewrote our culture and redesigned our office space so that it is aligned with our statement.




Sara Delpasand is an entrepreneur and the author of the self-help book “the i in life”. This book targets “purpose seekers”, those in the quest of creating clarity on who they are, where they are going and how to get there. “the i in life” is available in 47,000 bookstores around the world.

For the past 14 years Sara Delpasand has served as an advisor and coach all around the world. Born in Iran and raised in Sweden since the age of 4, Sara made the move to LA when she turned 30, and describes herself as having a Persian soul, a Scandinavian mindset and the passion of an American. Sara started in high school mentoring her peers and putting on anti-bullying campaigns, a topic she is very passionate about. From there, she became involved in government projects for youth which led to developing youth facilities in Scandinavia where young people of all genders, ethnicities, social backgrounds and sexual orientations could come together to empower each other. Later Sara became a speaker, educator and activist while running the facilities and coordinating numerous projects for at-risk youth before moving to LA and penning her book.

In every engagement, workshop, one-on-one coaching session, or motivational event, Sara Delpasand commits to planting seeds of inspiration to meet the unique needs of all, assist in the growth and development of teams and organizations in their pursuit of success. Known for her charismatic and engagingly personal approach, her message to live life to your fullest potential is a universal notion that she hopes to share with people around the world.   



"the i in life"

Finding your purpose in life will stimulate behavioral consistency; serving as the motivating force to overcome obstacles, seek alternative means, and maintain focus on the goal in spite of changes to the environment that may interfere with the pursuit. 

Sara believes that if you uncover a sense of purpose in life and you can survive nearly anything. This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. 

Business  Coaching

Differences between the way Swedish executives operate vs. American business practices. Sara's business coaching is designed to meet with both executives and staff, discerning the corporate vision and the interests, goals, and aspirations of both management and staff.

Sara helps build a bridge between the team, and crossing that bridge means a more proactive, healthier work environment.

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