“Sara has really helped push me on my career path, not only did she envision bigger goals for me but guided me in making it happen. She's a very positive force in the work environment!”


Working with Sara has been an absolute joy.  

She has fulfilled every expectation we had.  Sara has made a real difference in changing everything for the better by fulfilling every promise and expectation.  She has helped us be a more focused business and team.

Alcon Lighting is so much better with Sara's involvement.  We are eternally grateful.


I found the overall experience working with a business coach to be very helpful.  Sara provided ideas and suggestions that I had never experienced with previous companies.  She also made sure I was comfortable and address any workplace concerns.


We have had the pleasure of working with Sara for the past year. It’s been a growing period for me professionally as a business owner as well as our team. We are now transparent in our communication with our team which has contributed to the growth of the individual and the effectiveness of the whole team. We clarified our vision and rewrote our culture and redesigned our office space so that it is aligned with our statement.


"As our company business coach, Sara is an ally to everyone on our team - and she doesn't take that lightly! The facilitator of our Monday morning company meetings, Sara has created a sincerely transparent and fulfilling company culture where she practices the utmost focus and care in helping each individual articulate, become aligned with, and grow to achieve personal career goals. I have been working with her since day one at my current job. She has always made herself promptly and presently available to me to discuss any workplace anxieties, fears, or troubles that might arise - and has provided me with a researched and thorough 3rd party insight and a new frame of mind to encourage my own exploration, growth, and improvement. Sara is more than a business coach: she is a rejuvenating jedi of company culture and career aspiration.”


“Sara is able to leverage her vast expertise to quickly assess my business model and the unique value I bring to my business. She was able to identify specific actionable strategies to help develop my business and take it to the next level. Sara is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal.”


Sara has been invaluable in helping me to determine the next steps in my career. As a young professional, Sara’s guidance in how to navigate a career change and how to determine what I should be looking for in my next role was very helpful in finding my new career path. Additionally, she also continued to provide support and mentorship throughout the job search, helping me to evaluate opportunities and interview for roles. I really appreciated Sara’s support and guidance and would highly recommend working with her!


Sara has continually displayed her highly professional coaching accompanied by her commitment and high level of integrity; all traits ideal for an Executive Coach. As a trained professional, Sara is truly a master of her subject. But what distinguishes her from other business coaches is that Sara has worked with companies in Europe as well as the US and therefore brings a diverse perspective to the business strategy. Sara is able to coach from a deep and broad experience base. Sara's high level of insight and expertise allows her to help you see yourself from a completely new perspective. Sara asks the right questions, provides the right level of feedback, and yet puts you in the driver seat, supporting you in the journey with motivation, empowerment, and candor. If you are looking for a comforting and safe space in which to navigate change with greater ease and more confidence, you should consider seeking a confidential consultation with Sara Delpasand.”


What I found most helpful about Sara’s coaching was her ability to really see me—or maybe I should say, see the real me! Sara helped free the potential in me. Like most women, so much of what I do at work and at home is worthwhile but invisible and fragmented. Working with Sara helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way. Now I know my "i in life"!


"Sara has helped me understand how important communication is and how balancing life and work can keep me productive."