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Sara Delpasand announces publication of debut book, ‘The i in Life’

LOS ANGELES – “The i in Life: A Visionary New Understanding of Who You Are, Where You AreGoing, and How to Get There” (published by Archway Publishing) is a personal growth book by intercultural pedagogue Sara Delpasand. Delpasand, who specializes in working with youth,wrote the book to provide tools to help people understand how they can choose the career that achieves their goals.

“The i in Life” is for people who want to gain a better sense of self to discover who they are, where they are going and how to get there. The book focuses on aspiring to a career path that has meaning to the reader. It uses questions and exercises to allow the reader to explore their skills and interests to realize what they want do with their life and give back to the world. In addition, Delpasand also includes a letter to her younger self that discusses her philosophy on how to live, which aided her in centering her “i in life.”

“Choosing a career can be a major turning point in our lives,” Delpasand says. “This decision has the potential to open doors for success or close the door to opportunity. We may find ourselves aspiring to a career that follows our family and societies norms and values without developing our own sense of self because we do not have the proper coaching and the right tools to create that clarity. ‘The i in Life’ provides those tools so that the reader can understand how to serve their purpose professionally.”

“The i in Life”
By Sara Delpasand
Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781480841758
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 108 pages | ISBN 9781480841741
E-Book | 108 pages | ISBN 9781480841765



If you're trying to determine what your professional path is meant to be, if you're not sure if you're doing what you should be doing, this book is the best resource for figuring it all out. It's short, to the point, and chock full of truly helpful exercises that ultimately give you a clear view of what you are inherently MEANT to be doing, the core of your professional purpose.

And it's not just for young people starting out on their journey. When I reached my late 30's, I took a break from working in the NYC financial industry to have my children. I was fortunate to have the luxury of staying home with them during their early, formative years, but once they were in school, I returned to the workforce. And something had changed, drastically, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was. It was the same job, the same people, the same ultimate goals on a daily basis.

That's when, after 6 long years toiling away, I realized that THAT was the problem: It WAS the same job, the same people, and the goals I was working so hard to achieve were not my own. I was doing something I wasn't passionate about, strictly because of the financial reqards. And I'm by no means knocking financial rewards, because they grease the wheels of commerce. But I wasn't at all fulfilled and, at the end of the day, I didn't feel good about what I was doing.

I wish I'd had this book then, because it would have saved me a lot of time and heartache. Sara Delpasand has basically written a letter to her younger self, giving her the cues she would need to make the right decision. Through a series of stories and in-depth exercises, Ms. Delpasand provides a spotlight that shines on your true path. She impresses upon the reader that we are all born with a professional purpose, and at the beginning of our lives, we know what that is. But then we start listening to society and our family and our friends and our teachers who, while well-meaning, have a tendency to try to sway us to do what THEY think we should be doing.

If you read this book and do the exercises, I can guarantee that you will have the clarity and awareness you need to start making better choices in your professional (and personal) life. The notion that we should serve the world in whatever capacity we work is at the root of this book, and that can be accomplished regardless of whether you're a doctor, stockbroker, don't have to be in a "service profession" to serve the world.

If I'd had access to this book a decade ago, I would have been able to see that, while I was good at what I was doing, it wasn't what I was SUPPOSED TO BE doing. I'm not saying you can't serve in the capacity of a financial advisor, because you absolutely can. But I couldn't. I ultimately changed careers in my late 40's, but I would have been much more fulfilled much sooner if I'd had this book back then. Having read it now, it's helped me to eliminate a lot of the useless actions that I've been taking in my current career, fine-tuning my focus and allowing me to be the best possible "i" in my life.

I strongly recommend this book for ANYONE who is questioning their professional path. Whether you're a college student, a middle aged executive, or a struggling mom, "the i in life" will be an invaluable resource for gaining the insight you need to serve the world the way you were meant to serve.


This is a magnificent book written with hands on exercises. It has really helped me figure out my path in life. Thank you Sara


This book helped me pinpoint my values and keeping them aligned with my career choices and way i live my life.


If you want to read a book to find yourself and stay connected to your values...this is it!








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